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Stories For Players, By Players

On this page, you will find stories from players who are just like you! It is very difficult for us as tennis players to not have the sport impact us in some way outside of the court. My goal with this project is to show others that there are players just like them who are going through the same things both on and off the court. Take a moment and go through some of the stories listed below, if you feel inclined to be featured on the page just click here, and I will get in contact with you! 

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Fort Worth-Texas

 I have been playing tennis for roughly 7 years. I have experience coaching, stringing, and playing. Tennis has helped give me a purpose. 

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Fort Worth Texas

I have been playing tennis on and off for 7-8 years. COVID-19 interrupted my collegiate tennis journey.


North Richland Hills Texas

I have been playing tennis for 4 years. I am from North Richland Hills Texas, and enjoy competing in local tournaments. 

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Lisbon Connecticut

I have been playing tennis since I was a kid, and now run my own stringing business "Shoreline Stringing" 

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Bayport New York

My name is Adam Friel, and I am located in Sunrise Florida. I got involved in tennis kind of by accident.

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