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My Current Setup

With my access to string and many rackets I love to change my personal equipment often. 

Racket of Choice: Yonex Vcore 95 (2018)

I currently use the Yonex VCore 95 (2018). I picked the Vcore line due to its emphasis on spin and it benefitting bigger swings. I play aggressively from the baseline and wanted a racket that would be maneuverable while still providing control and spin. The Vcore 95 has a 16x20 string pattern which is more open than an 18x20 but provides more control than a 16x19. This racket also is considered low powered which is a necessity for my personal game. When I first used the Vcore 95 I was worried the unusually small head size would bother me, but it surprisingly feels closer to a 98. Combined with the spin, control, and reasonable weight of 310 grams unstrung, the Vcore 95 fits my game perfectly.


String of Choice: Solinco Hyper G 16g

I have recently made the change to Solinco Hyper G. This string is shaped for spin, but also packs a punch. After using the Yonex Vcore 95 more and more, I learned that it lacks power. With this in mind, I wanted to use a string that will provide a little more pop than the majority of polyesters on the market. With my new partnership with Solinco, I am proud to carry their strings for my customers as well. With the wide variety of gauges, any player can take advantage of aggressively shaped polyester strings. 

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