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Meet Kyle

My name is Kyle Pipkin and I am currently a freshman attending Hope College in Holland Michigan. I am participating in the Professional Tennis Management program, which will help grow my love and knowledge of the sport. I aspire to be a coach for high-level juniors and run my tennis shop. Since the first day, I started playing tennis in my 7th-grade year, I instantly became infatuated with the science and technique of the sport. As I became a better player I learned that there are many ways to hit a forehand, backhand, serve, etc… I absolutely loved the idea of a sport where not a single person is the same, each player I would watch on tv or at my local courts was unique in the way they played.


Once I got better over time and worked at my local tennis center, I taught classes and help lead drill sessions. Especially during the summer, I gave private lessons and lead my classes on my own. I love being able to help kids understand the game better, As I learned more about the sport I naturally learned about rackets and strings. Using the internet as my biggest source, I became addicted to learning the new niche and underground of all things racket and strings. With “10sJunkies” I want to share and grow my knowledge of coaching, stringing, and racket/string technology. If you ever want to contact me, the “Contact” tab will take you to my email.

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