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My Love for Tennis Equipment

My love for tennis equipment started fairly late into my tennis "career". During my first 2 years of playing, I had gained a general knowledge of things such as racket weight, string pattern, and head sizes, but I had little to no knowledge of string and different materials. I just used whatever looked good. 

I had become pretty close friends with the workers at my local tennis center, it felt like a second home to me. Naturally I watched them string many rackets, and was both entertained and interested in the process. After a couple of Google searches, I decided to ask one of those workers to teach me. After those first few rackets, I fell in love with the process. Having the ability to string my own rackets gave me the opportunity to try out all kinds of string, and try different things in the dozens of demo rackets the center offered. This is what really budded my love for all the equipment. 

Now I would definitely consider myself a nerd for rackets and string. I try to stay updated in all the new technology and science behind tennis equipment. The main reason I love the equipment is how unique each thing is for players. The combinations of string and rackets for players are endless, but every person requires something different that will help elevate their game to maximum potential. With "10sJunkies" I hope to help people find that perfect fit.

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